How to Send Files via Bluetooth From Android to Mac OS X

Recently, I faced this strange issue that I was unable to send files from my Nexus 5 Android phone to my Macbook pro via Bluetooth. I had Bluetooth turned on, I had my Android phone paired with Macbook pro. But whenever I tried to send a file from Android to Mac it will fail. I looked around and it seems that a lot of people were having the same issue. I was about to stop trying, when I finally found the solution.

Sending Files From Android Device to Mac OS X

First you need to turn on Bluetooth on both devices. Then on your Mac computer, go to System Preferences and click on Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Settings in Mac OS X

This will bring up Bluetooth settings page. Your Mac will now look for Bluetooth enabled devices and will show them. Click on your Android device in the list and pair both devices.

Don’t worry if your device appears not connected even after pairing.

Now go back to System Preferences and this time click on Sharing.

Enabling bluetooth sharing in Mac OS X

On the next screen, check the box next to Bluetooth to turn on file sharing service via Bluetooth.

Turning on Bluetooth file sharing on Mac OS X to  send an receive files from Android devices

You can also choose folder where you want to store files you send from Android to Mac OS X.

That’s all, I hope this article helped you learn how to share files via Bluetooth between your Android phone and Mac OS X.

Which SVN Client to Use on Windows

I was working on my jQuery Tabber Widget plugin and needed to check out using subversion. I was working on Windows 8 and had forgotten how I had SVN set up on my old Windows 7. So I had to go through the whole process again, trying different SVN clients for Windows. I decided to write this down for future reference, and may be help some other people save sometime.

SilkSVN – Subversion Client for Windows

SilkSVN provides stand-alone command line Subversion Client for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It is very simple to use and this is the one that I am currently using. Simply install the package, double click svn.exe and use subversion from Windows command prompt. Its faster and easier to use. If you are following a tutorial, learning how to download files from a subversion repository and commit your changes, then you will probably find SilkSVN less confusing.

TortoiseSVN – Subversion Client for Windows with a GUI

TortoiseSVN is a subversion client with a graphical user interface. Some Windows users might find it more user friendly than command line tools. You can check out and check in by simply right clicking on a file or directory and choosing an option from the menu. However, I felt that for people just starting with SVN, how would they know what a particular menu item does.

If someone is just starting using a SVN client, I would recommend them using a command line tool. Once they are familiar with basic commands and how Subversion works, they will feel more comfortable using TortoiseSVN. But that’s just me, you can give it a try and may be you will find it easier to use.

Some Cool Facebook Applications

facebook logoIf you are free and want to have some fun on Facebook, no updates and notifications appearing from your friends. You just have to login to Facebook and you can enjoy some of these applications. Here I have some interesting applications for time killing and have fun with your friends.

These are my favorite applications which I mostly use on Facebook. If you don’t like any of them or you have any suggestions; feel free to tell me about your favorite Facebook applications in the comment box below.

1 – Quiz Planet
It’s not easy to make an application through Facebook application maker. Quiz planet is an application that allows you to make your own quiz and turn this quiz into real Facebook application. It’s really easy and fun Application.

2 – iHeart
Expressing your interest, love and emotions is more complicated on the internet. Sometimes you lack the words to express your feelings. For such times there is a Facebook application called iHeart. This application is used for sending your friends and loved ones some cool gifts with lots of love. Just Pick a heart from this Application and send it to your loved ones and friends.

3 – Social Buzz
This application is based on a very simple yet very fun idea. It asks you questions about your friends. It’s really fun using this application as it asks tricky questions about your friends and you have to answer it.

4 – Birthday Cards
In this application you can send your friends cards and gifts for their birthdays. You can also customize any card as you want to do. Manage your birthday calendar and you can also set reminders for reminding your friends and loved ones birthdays.

5 – Social Interview
Social Interview asks you questions about your life and your friends. This is interesting as it allows you to look into yourself and think about your friends from different perspective.

Converting PDF to Word Doc or Editable Text

I recently came across this situation where I had a PDF file containing text which I needed to convert so that I could work on the text. Apparantely it is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact there are some really good free software and online tools available to convert pdf to word, pdf to text format.

There is a downside which is common to most tools available for converting PDF to editable text format. Google Docs and many other programs use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract text from images and pdf files. Now lets suppose you have PDF with text in Hebrew or someother language there is a good chance that OSR technique might not work. However you should still give it a try.

Google Docs
I use Google Docs as my office suite and Google docs can convert PDF files to editable text format. After logging into your Google Docs account click on the upload button. On the upload screen select the pdf file you want to upload and then check the box that says “Convert text from PDF or image files to Google Docs documents”. Start upload and then click on the uploaded file to open it in Google Docs. Remember you may loose some or all the formatting that original PDF file had.

Nitro PDF format to Word or RTF
Nitro PDF to Word is an online tool which claims to be the most accurate PDF to word converter. You simply select the file to upload provide your email address and uncheck the box that says “Receive PDF to Word news from Nitro” or else you will start recieving emails from Nitro software about their products and services.

Open Office
Open Office has built in PDF export feature which allows you to export files created with Open Office to be saved as PDF. Installing Sun PDF Import extension you can also import PDF files to Open Office, edit them and save them in different formats. This method has provided the best results for me. Open Office with this extension tries to import not just the text but also the images and layout of the PDF file.

As I said earlier that most tools will not be able to preserve the original formating and layout of the PDF file. Also note that even though OCR works accurately for most languages using Latin characters, still it is advised that you check the results for spelling mistakes.

Google Sites – Add Adsense to Your Google Site

Recently a visitor on our “Creating a Small Business Website using Google Sites” post, asked if they can add Google Adsense to a Google Sites website. The answer is yes you can add Google Adsense to your Google Sites pages. In fact it is simpler adding AdSense to Google Sites than adding adsense to sites created with other content management systems such as Joomla or WordPress.

Adding Adsense to Google Sites is very easy and if you have a site on Google Sites then you probably already know how to do this. But for those who are curious I have explained how to add Adsense to a Google Site below.

Save your page, and then next to the Create Page and Edit page buttons you will see More Actions button. Clicking on it opens a menu, now select Manage Site.

In the left sidebar of the Site Manage page click on Monetize.

Now click on Montize this site button.

You will be asked whether you would like to create a new adsense account or Use an existing adsense account. If you do not have an adsense account you can create one now.

If you already have an adsense account provide your adsense account email address and pin/postal code or last five digits of the phone number that you have on your adsense account. Press next and you are done. now your adsense account will be used to display ads on your Google Sites pages. But first you will have to put the ads on.

Back to the Monetize page, you can select to display Adsense ads in the sidebar of all your pages. Doing this Adsense ads will appear in your sidebar after all your existing widgets like navigational links and recent activity. You can then edit your sidebar and move the Adsense to the top or between widgets.

You can also place your Adsense ads on individual pages by editing them and choosing AdSense from the Insert menu.

Google Sites will now ask you to choose the format and style of your ad and then you are done. Google Sites Help has a section on using Adsense on Google Sites, refer to it for information or use the comment form below to ask me I am not an expert but I will try to help.

Yahoo Chat Clients with Boot Flood and Spam Protection

yahoo messenger logoI was invited by a friend to a chat room on Yahoo Chat. I didn’t know Yahoo Chatrooms are that much fun. With voice and video and so many rooms to choose from, Yahoo Chat is now my favorite way to kill time. But it didn’t take long before I realized that Yahoo’s spam protection and flood protection features are totally useless. Some nasty users exploit these things to take control of the voice chat, to flood some user, they can even boot someone. Booting here means that they run some kind of software which hangs the victims chat client and they are forced to leave and reconnect.

Fortunately there are some third party tools and chat clients available that you can use in such situations to protect yourself and to have some extra fun.


Yahaven is anti-boot, anti-flood third party Yahoo! Chat Client. Yahaven has Chat, IM, Voice and Webcam. All the features of official Yahoo and then some more. Such as flood protection and boot protection. It also has effecient ignore filters. What I personally liked about Yaheven is that it has Custom messages. When pressed these buttons you send a text message to the room. These messages can be edited. For example, when I select a user from user list and press custom message one it says:
%s >> hi how are you today? %s is the nick of the user.

YaHaven is a bit complicated. With all these extra features it could be a little difficult for a new user to get it working right. But once you get it working, you will be amazed by performance.


YahElite is a feature rich Yahoo Chat Client. It is around for sometime now and is widely used. It promises better spam, flood and boot protection.

YahElite has an easy to use interface but it is so feature rich that the buttons for all these features may confuse a new user. But don’t worry YahElite has better support and help options available on their website. They have tutorials, forums, FAQs and contact options under the help menu on the official website.

There is something interesting and totally new with YahElite. Its called Personalitys. Loadable personalitys are simple text files that contain patterns that transform your text into another form that can be dramatically different from your normal speech. You can create different personalitys and even share them with others. Read official instructions.


Pidgin, (previously Gaim) is an open source universal chat client that not only supports Yahoo but also MSN, Gtalk, AIM, ICQ, IRC and countless other protocols. The downside is that it does not support voice and webcam. You can join Yahoo Chat rooms but there will be no voice, no audio conferencing and no video chat. It also does not have any extra spam features to protect you from PM floods. But if you just want to text message then Pidgin is a great tool to chat with friends on different protocols at once.

YAM (Yet Another Messenger)

YAM Chat Client is my favorite third party Yahoo Chat Client. It does not support webcam but it fully supports voice and audio in Chat rooms. It also has a very easy to use interface and all the features are easy to understand and easy to use. It also has very nice sound effects and has themes support. It lacks web cam support and while other chat clients open word verification CAPTCHA right there in the chat window YAM opens it in new browser window.

These third party chat clients are fun but if you want to use the official Yahoo Messenger then there are some tips that you can use to protect yourself from abuse, spam, flood and booting. We will discuss these tips in the next post. Meanwhile, please let us know if there is some other yahoo chat clients you have tried and found useful.

Free Virtual WebCam Software

Virtual webcam is an application that creates an stream of images to simulate a web cam stream. Such applications are useful to add text or visual effects to a webcam stream and/or to broadcast the same webcam to stream to multiple programs simultaneously. There are many applications available on the web to simulate a virtual web cam. While looking for an appropriate solution, I found out that most of them are non-free. Some of them were available for download on trial basis, and some had advertisements embeded into them. We have selected a few good ones for you.

CamTrack 2.5 Free 30 days Trial and $14.95 to buy.

CamTrack 2.5 lets you add video effects, text and images to your webcam video chat. But the plus point of CamTrack 2.5 is not the cool animations but the feature of “Face Tracking”. Face tracking automatically locates your face in the video image and zooms in on it, keeping your face centered in the middle of the frame at an optimal size.

CamTrack also allows you to zoom in and out. Combine this feature with face tracking and you never need to adjust your webcam with your hands. you can do it with your keyboard and mouse.

ManyCam Free

A free software, ManyCam allows you to use your webcam with multiple programs which means that you can use your webcam with Yahoo, MSN, Skype and Google Talk simultaneously.

ManyCam allows you to add text to your webcam stream. You can use display images or create a slideshow of images from your computer and broadcast it to your webcam. You can play videos on your webcam. I have used this feature to share a birthday video with my aunt on yahoo. Using Manycam and yahoo voice chat it was fun to share the video with this new way. I mean of course I can upload the video to youtube but it was a huge file and I didn’t have time.

Using Manycam you can create many effects like change the color, brightness and contrast of your webcam. Add visual effects to your webcam there are some really cool effects built in and they are a lot of fun. You can rotate and zoom in or out of your webcam video.

What to Publish on Your Small Business Website

This post is part of a series. To read more posts from this series go to “Creating a Small Business Website“.

Content is the king on web. No one is going to spend more than a couple of seconds on a website if the content is not useful to them. According to a research, people don’t read pages they scan them when browsing the web and usually they make up their mind whether to stay or not with in few seconds. So you have just a few seconds to grab visitor’s attention and tell them that your page is useful for them. Placing the right content on right spots makes it easy for visitors to find the information quickly. So in this post we will discuss the content that most web surfers look for and where to place this content on your website.

  • Introduce yourself. The importance of adding information about you and your business.
  • Offer useful content. Detailed Information about your products and services.
  • Stay in touch. Allow visitors to interact with you and the website easily.
  • Keep it fresh. Content on the web is like vegetables in a grocery store. If its not fresh no one’s going to buy it.


Introduce Yourself

People are not stupid, they don’t just click on a link and order the product. People who buy things on the web are actually a lot smarter than people who visit your shop/store/or offices. They will look for who you are and how good you are. So why not you just tell them all this, and then a little more. Add an about us page to your website and tell your visitors who you are, what you do and how good you are at it. For example

“Bashir’s petshop is a small store located in thesmalltown, smallstate. We sell and supply pet food, accesories, clothing and jewelry. We can take care of your pets when you are on vacations or away for business. We are in the business since last 15 years and have a very good reputation among the residents of thesmalltown ask your neighbours if you don’t believe us. We have a very friendly staff and we love to meet new people. Come visit us at the store, join our mailing list or drop us an email.”

Offer Useful Content

In an earlier post for this series we discussed how to plan a small business website we discussed goals for a business website. For example, our main goal was to sell our products/ services. So products and services go directly to your main page. Yes it is a good idea to create a section for product listings with separate page for each product. But since our main goal is to sell these products we are looking for visitors who come to our site looking for these products. And if they don’t find it quickly on main page they might move away without digging product catalogs. (Click on the image below to see a sample layout)

A sample site layout for a small business website

A sample site layout for a small business website

Now there should be a page for your products and services. Make sure it is easy to navigate. Prices are visible easily. Then each product should have its separate page. Provide as much detail as possible and don’t forget to add images of the product. If you already have a happily satisfied customer base ask them to write reviews for your products or services on your website. Also make sure that your potential customers can compare your product/services to your competitor’s.

All these things make your content useful for your site’s visitors. Tell them more and more about your offerings because thats what they came looking for. Keep your content focused on your goals, keep it information driven, keep it fresh and you have yourself a website with useful informative content.

Stay in Touch

This is a common mistake that most small businesses make. They do not provide enough ways for their site’s visitor to interact with the website, the business and the people behind it. If people don’t interact with the website then they are not good for your business. So please add a contact page. Your contact page should have a feedback form, email address, address of your locations, telephone and fax numbers.

You will also see that many popular websites which sell products or services have a comment form at the end of each product listing. Use it to allow your visitors to ask questions on the product page directly, to submit their user reviews and or offer some advise to other visitors. You can also get in touch with your site’s visitors by adding a company blog, a wiki, forum, mailinglist, etc.

Keep it Fresh

The difficult part is not to create the perfect website. The difficult part if to keep improving it. You can keep improving your website doing two things:

Update your site with new content as frequently as possible.

Many small businesses fail to do well on the web because they don’t realize the importance of the content. For example a small home appliances shop has a website with the images of an old television set that every one has already bought and after an year there is nothing attractive about it. The same shop could have done better if they kept updating their website with images of new items in their stocks. Like showing a picture of giant LCD screen for home theatre.So if you keep posting new items to your website it remains fresh and attractive to visitors. Post new offers, special discounts, or links to other webpages with interesting articles about your products.

Experiment with the layout of your website. Web design is a complex field. Sometimes a layout and design that works best for a pet store wouldn’t work for a music store. So you should continuously make changes to your site’s design and see what works best for you. Use different layouts, color schemes, fonts. Change the position of your content. Install a stat counter on your website and see what your visitors are looking for and then add the links to this information on your main page and link to your main page on your most visited pages. You will learn this skill on your way. It is actually fun and very addictive once you realize that the last change you made increased page visitors, you seek more ways to bring more visitors.

This post is part of a series. To read more posts from this series go to “Creating a Small Business Website“.