K-Electric & The Feeder Tripping Issue in Karachi

K-Electric is the only power supply company in Karachi. These days they have started a new drama which is called feeder tripping. Throughout the city K-Electric's feeders turn off the power supply which is then manually turned back on by their staff. Feeder tripping is actually a safeguard mechanism used to protect power supply stations from huge loads. When a sudden spike in power comes into a station or sub-station, this mechanism automatically switches off ...

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Finding a coworking space in Karachi

Coworking Space for Freelancers in Karachi

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan, and it has thousands of people working online. There is a very strong need for decent coworking space for freelancers in Karachi. This post is an attempt to bring freelancers and entrepreneurs together to build a coworking space in Karachi. As someone who works from home, I can confidently say that it is not as easy as you would think. While working from homes gives you a sense ...

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My new phone Google nexus 5

My wife bought me a new phone as an early birthday present (my birthday is on 16th May, in case anyone wants to buy me a gift ). Its a Google nexus 5, with 16 GB storage and its white. Its very light and comes with android KitKat. It is also very clean, there is no software bloat, just the usual Google apps. Performance is very smooth. Camera is good enough for personal use. Its just ...

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Working on ThemeLab

Our parent company, WPBeginner has acquired ThemeLab. It was an active WordPress blog ran by  Leland Fiegel. He usually published how to articles, tips and tutorials about WordPress. Leland also distributed several free themes, many of them are still used on blogs. Syed Balkhi, CEO and founder of WPBeginner outlined plans for ThemeLab in the announcement post. We had ThemeLab for a while and our development team was working hard on creating some amazingly beautiful themes ...

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Image file size display in WordPress media uploader

WordPress Idea: Displaying Image File Size in Media Uploader

Many web publishers and bloggers are concerned about the page load speed and time. It is common knowledge that speed affects how search engines rank a website in search results. One of the heaviest element on any web page is often images. The more images you use the more time it takes for a page to load completely. I noticed that when we upload an image in WordPress using the media uploader while writing a ...

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Shortcode Output Appearing On Top of Post Content in WordPress

While browsing WordPress support forums, I often see threads where users are asking the question 'Why my shortcode output jumps to the top of the page content?'. Users asking this question are using a shortcode which outputs something and instead of appearing at the exact position where shortcode is placed, their shortcode output appears above rest of the post content. The problem is actually very simple. The function executed by shortcode should return the output ...

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